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Video clips from Extreme Home Makeover

Hi everyone just wanted to let you all know that February 2014 will mark our fifth year anniversary that the Almquist Family was picked for the Extreme Home Makeover and had all of our lives changed for amazing adventures forever. Thank you so much for your continued support and helping us make a difference.  

In 2010 EXTREME MAKEOVER:  HOME EDITION  The Almquist Family - ABC was  nominated for the Genesis Award in the category of Reality Series. They were up against:

ANIMAL COPS: PHILADELPHIA  Puppy Mills Exposed – Animal Planet      and
WHALE WARS  The Stuff of Nightmares – Animal Planet

The Genesis awards are over and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition The Almquist Family did not take the award. In 2010 the Award went to Whale Wars The stuff of Nightmares- Animal Planet. Congraulations to all of the award winners and all of the wonderful shows that were nominated.

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