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Fundraiser Events

We would like to thank all of the vender's that support Forever Wild by donating a portion of their sales to the animals. If you have a fundraising idea please be sure to contact us.

Hello! My name is Sarah. I am a Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant. Perfectly Posh are products such as lotions, shampoos, scrubs, etc that are GMO free, animal friendly, mostly vegan, environmentally friendly, free of gluten/soy fillers, free of carcinogens, and made in the USA. I receive a 20% commission on all orders placed. Right now I am having a fundraiser to raise money forForever Wild. All of my commissions will be going to Them. I get paid on the 10th so I am going to be delivering the funds I raise afterJuly 10th.

I am promoting my online parties. Anyone who wants to host a party online gets hostess credit if their party reaches $200 in orders and all proceeds go to forever wild.

catalog to place orders: www.perfectlyposh.us/PoshandPrimped
My facebook: www.facebook.com/PoshandPrimped
email: Poshandprimped@gmail.com

Thank you!


Our wonderful volunteers have spent their time creating this fundraiser for our tigers. We are in need of 4 cages with shift gates to replace the cages they are currently in. Please share our Indiegogo page and help us upgrade cages for Taj, Mishka, Jade and Diana. We have 45 days to meet this goal. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-us-update-our-enclosures-for-our-rescued-tigers

We are hoping to raise $80,000 to update 4 cages at 20,000 a piece. If we are fortunate enough to raise more than that, any excess money will go towards other enclosure upgrades, rescues, vet bills, and whatever animals need it.

Your impact on these animals will last the rest of their lives. They are safe, cared for, and respected like these magnificent animals deserve, however a life in captivity can only give them so much and with your help we can do our best to provide them with enough room, enrichment, and exercise to give them long, happy lives.



Laura Curtin, a Southern California artist known for her exceptional craftsmanship and realism. Self-taught, Laura combines her innate artistic ability with extensive research for her painting projects. Working predominantly with oils, her paintings depict wildlife in their habitats. Each painting tells a story, look into the animal's eyes and the surrounding detail for the true character alive in each painting. Laura is very happy to now offer cards and prints of her most popular paintings. Visit her etsy shop to purchase greeting cards, small, large, and full size prints of every painting.  Laura has committed to donating 10% of her sales to Forever Wild . If you love wildlife and nature you will love Laura's work. Remember every sale will generate a donation to Forever Wild.   http://www.etsy.com/shop/LaurasWildLife   All of us at Forever Wild want to thank Laura for her efforts to help support the animals that call Forever Wild home.



Toni Peters-Penn is supporting Forever Wild  by donating a portion of each of her sales of Mary Kay products to Forever Wild. Thank you Toni for your support.
Pick up a great  Gifts for Friends/Family and Help Forever Wild while you are at it. Right now if you order a Mary Kay Satin Hand Set (Fragrance-Free or Peach) for $34 plus tax.....Forever Wild will receive $8 for each set sold.  She will also  be donating 25 percent (excluding tax) on any other products ordered to Forever Wild. Orders will also ship anywhere within the United States (except Hawaii) for FREE. Order on line at www.marykay.com/tonipenn or contact Toni at (626) 484-6876. If ordering online be sure to put "Forever Wild" in the memo section.



eBay Giving to support Forever Wild



We want to thank all of the High Desert Direct Sales Diva's for putting on this wonderfull event and donating all proceeds from the Pre-Sale Tickets to Forever Wild. High Desert Direct Sales Divas were able to raise $1200 for Forever Wild from the Quarter Mania event .









On June 24th VCA Mesa Animal Hospital on Palmdale Road in Victorville put on a car wash and recycling fundraiser to benefit Forever Wild. They presented us with a check in the amount of $426.14. .We want to take this time to thank these amazing people and all those that showed up for this event .


Thank you to The Pine Needles Quilters for raffling off a beautifully created quilt all done by the guild.  We cannot begin to say how appreciative we are for the time spent on their efforts to help our animals in need.