501(c)3 Nonprofit organization



Our Mission

We are dedicated to do all we can in the rescue and rehabilitation efforts of exotic animals. We will strive to provide safe and caring homes for all that pass through our doors for the rest of their lives. Our promise is to help educate people of all generations to better understand the need our world has for the preservation of our beautiful exotic animals and the habitat on which they depend.

Forever Wild provides a healthy, happy home for captive-bred animals that zoos will not take in.

Today we are:

  • A fabulously refurbished sanctuary.
  • Continually outreaching to the public for support to continue efforts to protect all Exotic Animals in need.
  • Providing education to all ages to help make a difference to animals now and in the future.

With your help, Forever Wild can:

  • Care for many more animals that will otherwise be euthanized.
  • Host and educate the public in our new learning Center build by the community and Extreme Home Makeover.
  • Perform outreach services to schools and children