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Below are a list of the projects we hope to complete for 2012.

 All of our goals can only be reached with your help.


Any donation of materials, People power or cash towards any of these projects would help dramatically.  We appreciate everything all our donors do for the animals.  We know how hard it is our there for everyone but anything at all helps even if you can only help with part of an item above or the labor of putting something together for us it does make a difference.  Thank you so much for your time, kindness and generosity. 


 Please contact Forever Wild at foreverwild@verizon.net or call 760-8682755 with any questions.



Enclose trash can and move carport, extra roofing material & rehab barn 25 feet from fence (relocate entirely).  These are county requirements.  Structures have been here for about ten years so we may have to rebuild which would be a new rehab barn for owls and hawks and new carport cover for carriers and tractor.


Replace five tiger cages that are old and original's with safety shirts added approximate cost is $5,000 for each cage can put donors name of cage for thanking them for their help
Get wash area redone by engineer, file with county to get more of buildable land to add new pond for alligators and cat play yard with huge pool, obsticle course and various dens so they can run, jump and play.  Both projects would require us to get a few acres of our wash changed to buildable land.  This would enrich and benefit the animals tremendously


 Projects completed from your generosity:

Tortoise enclosure

Parrot exhibit

Serval  enclosures

Powder coated drinking tanks for all cats

 Extended viewing areas

Vision cages for reptiles

Deer Enclosure

Shed by Deer Enclosure

Concrete pad by freezer

Horse shelter cover ( need 3 more)

Red Fox enclosure June 2012

New picnic benches June 2012