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Paw Repair of Sakia

(1) Unloading after tranquilized
(2) Sakia getting oxygen

(3) On the stretcher
(4) Ready to go inside the clinic

(5) Shaving for catheter (noticed the stripped skin)
(6) Getting some oxygen

(7) Inserting the air tube
(8) Checking the damage to Sakia foot

(9) Xray of her paw...you can see the growths on the end of her toes
(10) shaving the paw for surgery

(11) Ready to work
(12) Surgery done.

(13)  Love her pretty pink bandage!
(14) Removing the air tube

(15) Joel waking Sakia up
(16) I'm awake lets go home

The photo's on this page were taken by one of Forever Wilds wonderful volunteers Rachel Woll.

We also want to thank the Paws Project for all of the wonderful work they do.