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Rosie Red Tail Hawk


Meet Rosie, the rufous phased Red Tailed Hawk! She has more red than a typical red tailed hawk and was brought by Fish and Game to a local animal Hospital with a broken wing. Despite cage rest and two surgeries- her wing was unable to be repaired, rendering her incapable of full flight and the tip of her beak had been broken off made it hard for her to eat anything other than bite sized food- and incapable of returning to the wild. Her beak has since regrown and she has adjusted well to her new home- able to flutter between the branches of her large cage. She will continue to live with her cage mate, another female red tailed hawk as part of the Forever Wild bird of prey family. We want to thank Dr Jessen of Apple Valley Animal Hospital for her care under DFG.


When you "sponsor" one of our animals, your donation of $25 helps minimize the costs of food, shelter, enrichment and medical expenses for one day.

As a sign of our appreciation, you will receive:

  • A beautiful 5x7 photograph of the animal you are adopting.
  • Biography on how your animal came to live at Forever Wild.
  • Certificate of adoption.

This makes a great gift for any animal lover!

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