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The Almquist Family, the Staff and Volunteers and most of all the Beautiful Animals that call  Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary home, would like to thank all of the wonderful people who got involved in making Forever Wild what it is today.  Clicking on the names will bring you to their web site.


Victor Sizemore Photography


 Proshots Coalition.com: Bruce Dorn's studio B


Andrena Photography


And  all who help in anyway you were greatly appreciated


We want to thank the Wonderful  Company Sponsors that donate and supply us with our sanctuary needs.
Thank you so much to each and every one of you.
 Nutramax Labratories, Inc. who donates cosiquin for our horses and Skin and Coat suppliments for our tigers. www.nutramaxlabs.com
Timberline provide our crickets and worms http://www.timberlinefisheries.com/ 
Southbay Tropical were we get reptile bedding from http://www.southbaytropical.com/
Good Hands Landscaping and gardening.  Ernie Esquer 760-490-3084
Sanctuary Supplies who have added a Forever Wild wish list to their site. http://www.sanctuarysupplies.com/sanctuary_wishlist.asp?id=1293 
L BAR M RANCH Products were we get all of our enclosure supplies. http://www.lbarmranch.com/
Funphoto Shoppe  http://funphotoshoppe.com/  1877-422-0826
 Millipedes and More who provide us with snake buckets for our Venomous Snakes
http://millipedesandmore.com/home/   1714-213-3289
email: craig@millipedesandmore.com
Advanced Custom Woodworks    Eric Silva  1909-545-9874
 Ghost Morph Exotics  1562-228- http://www.ghostmorph.com/  
 email: ghostmorph@gmail.com
Please take a moment to like Layne Labs- this is a company we use to purchase our frozen feeders for our reptiles and birds of prey. Stay tuned, Layne Labs will soon be adding us to their list of wildlife facilities that can receive donations on their page for the purchase of feeders. https://www.facebook.com/laynelabsinc 
We owe much gratitude to our loving vet Bruce Birch DVM from  who takes care of our many vet needs.