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The Forever Wild Volunteers

Our terrific Volunteers keep the wheels turning at Forever Wild, all day, every day. They are people who don't just love animals. They give their valuable time and sweat to make sure that these rescued animals have the finest quality of life possible.

Cindy Baker

Gloria Castro

Mari Connor

Juliette Brewer

Megan Emerson

Barbara Hunt

Debbie LaFon

Sarah Leman

Hillary Maculsay

Lacy Miranda

Jesika Nolan

Shantel Ornelas

Audrey Pierce

Danny Rivera


Salwa Sabet

Serenity Saling

Laura Scogin

Shannon Sharyer

Justine Smith

Valerie Smithson

Tammy Tipples

Kiara Uduman

Chad Weist

Megan Wilkinson

Lynn Wilson

Wally Wilson

Jessy Zepeda

Rachel Woll


Volunteer Program

Ask about our Volunteer Program. Must be 18+ years old and going to school to make the animal field a career or completed school with an animal related degree. An interview must be Scheduled for all that are interested. Our volunteers work very hard to give the animals a safe loving home and in turn get closer to their dreams and goals.    For information on becoming a Volunteer please contact the office at 1 (760) 490- 3338